Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's on my table Wednesday

No matter if I'm in my craft room or in the living room or even at work I always have several projects going! I have a table next the couch that has a few of my projects I've been working on and I thought I was share what's on my table today!!

I've got a scarf started, a washcloth, centers to one of my year long afghan projects, and a never ending granny square for this pay if forward 2013 handmade thing I'm doing this year! I'm also in the process of reading the Bible so it's there also to read!

I work on all these items and a few other things most day! I have problems! LOL


  1. Its so pretty! I love looking at people's crafty mess, hehe. You don't have problems. We all work differently. You are just creative. :)

    1. The problem with this is this is just a tiny little portion of the mess and projects, I won't be posting the craft rooms tables anytime soon! LOL

    2. Bwahahaha. Yup. that's why i don't post mine. Saaaame reason. lol