Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little organizing....

With 3 afghan projects and 3 quilt projects going plus many many many other projects going I have had to become organized! Normally I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl but I can't do that with the amount of things I'm working on! I thought I would share a few ways I am organizing so many things!
 This here is my board of projects...not all of them are listed either.....I break it down into weekly blanket requirements and the other random projects I am working on! Every week I look in my notebook and see what needs to get done in the month and divide that number by 4 and that's my weekly goal!!
 Here's my notebook that everything I need to know for my blankets are written in here. This afghan I already  have broken down to what I want to get done everything month but the other ones I fill in the first week of the month I have decided!
This is how I am storing my quilt blocks and fabric!! Scrapbook paper holders to the rescue!! I had them sitting around not being used so used they are now!! I love this little cubicle holder thing, I got these 2 shelves and my husband made a rodent guinea pig cage out of the rest
This is the quilt block I shared last week. I am storing it for now in that little plastic container. As it gets bigger I will just take the other basket out for good. The cloth basket holds all the colors I am using minus the white border. The little box is my centers 

 I'm making 2 afghans with these colors so for now the centers for both will go in here. I know how many I need for each color and for one of the afghans (I still can't decide on the size for one of them)

 For the other random projects I am working on....a little clear container with what it is and the size hook, I tend to forget what size I am using and have to frog the project!
 This is my constant companion in my bag. I take it with me when I go to work and when we run errands and my husband is driving I work on centers or any other small project!


  1. wow. Just...Wow...You put me to SHAAAAME. I have plans like yours too, and illness aside, I am NEVER that organized with crafts unless it has to do with a Birthday Party. Good for YOU!

  2. Looking good. Get eat job! Im impressed!